3D Dynamic Point Cloud Denoising via Spatial-Temporal Graph Learning

by   Qianjiang Hu, et al.

The prevalence of accessible depth sensing and 3D laser scanning techniques has enabled the convenient acquisition of 3D dynamic point clouds, which provide efficient representation of arbitrarily-shaped objects in motion. Nevertheless, dynamic point clouds are often perturbed by noise due to hardware, software or other causes. While a plethora of methods have been proposed for static point cloud denoising, few efforts are made for the denoising of dynamic point clouds with varying number of irregularly-sampled points in each frame. In this paper, we represent dynamic point clouds naturally on graphs and address the denoising problem by inferring the underlying graph via spatio-temporal graph learning, exploiting both the intra-frame similarity and inter-frame consistency. Firstly, assuming the availability of a relevant feature vector per node, we pose spatial-temporal graph learning as optimizing a Mahalanobis distance metric M, which is formulated as the minimization of graph Laplacian regularizer. Secondly, to ease the optimization of the symmetric and positive definite metric matrix M, we decompose it into M = R'*R and solve R instead via proximal gradient. Finally, based on the spatial-temporal graph learning, we formulate dynamic point cloud denoising as the joint optimization of the desired point cloud and underlying spatio-temporal graph, which leverages both intra-frame affinities and inter-frame consistency and is solved via alternating minimization. Experimental results show that the proposed method significantly outperforms independent denoising of each frame from state-of-the-art static point cloud denoising approaches.


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