A Hybrid Approach to Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning

by   Stacey Truex, et al.

Training machine learning models often requires data from multiple parties. However, in some cases, data owners cannot share their data due to legal or privacy constraints but would still benefit from training a model jointly with multiple parties. Federated learning has arisen as an alternative to allow for the collaborative training of models without the sharing of raw data. However, attacks in the literature have demonstrated that simply maintaining data locally during training processes does not provide strong enough privacy guarantees. We need a federated learning system capable of preventing inference over the messages exchanged between parties during training as well as the final, trained model, considering potential collusion between parties, and ensuring the resulting machine learning model has acceptable predictive accuracy. Currently, existing approaches are either vulnerable to inference or do not scale for a large number of parties, resulting in models with low accuracy. To close this gap, we present a scalable approach that protects against these threats while producing models with high accuracy. Our approach provides formal data privacy guarantees using both differential privacy and secure multiparty computation frameworks. We validate our system with experimental results on two popular and significantly different machine learning algorithms: decision trees and convolutional neural networks. To the best of our knowledge, this presents the first approach to accurately train a neural network in a private, federated fashion. Our experiments demonstrate that our approach outperforms state of the art solutions in accuracy, customizability, and scalability.


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