A Multi-tasking Model of Speaker-Keyword Classification for Keeping Human in the Loop of Drone-assisted Inspection

by   Yu Li, et al.

Audio commands are a preferred communication medium to keep inspectors in the loop of civil infrastructure inspection performed by a semi-autonomous drone. To understand job-specific commands from a group of heterogeneous and dynamic inspectors, a model needs to be developed cost-effectively for the group and easily adapted when the group changes. This paper is motivated to build a multi-tasking deep learning model that possesses a Share-Split-Collaborate architecture. This architecture allows the two classification tasks to share the feature extractor and then split subject-specific and keyword-specific features intertwined in the extracted features through feature projection and collaborative training. A base model for a group of five authorized subjects is trained and tested on the inspection keyword dataset collected by this study. The model achieved a 95.3 of any authorized inspectors. Its mean accuracy in speaker classification is 99.2 pooled training data, adapting the base model to a new inspector requires only a little training data from that inspector, like five utterances per keyword. Using the speaker classification scores for inspector verification can achieve a success rate of at least 93.9 in detecting unauthorized ones. Further, the paper demonstrates the applicability of the proposed model to larger-size groups on a public dataset. This paper provides a solution to addressing challenges facing AI-assisted human-robot interaction, including worker heterogeneity, worker dynamics, and job heterogeneity.


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