A Novel Multi-Centroid Template Matching Algorithm and Its Application to Cough Detection

by   Shibo Zhang, et al.

Cough is a major symptom of respiratory-related diseases. There exists a tremendous amount of work in detecting coughs from audio but there has been no effort to identify coughs from solely inertial measurement unit (IMU). Coughing causes motion across the whole body and especially on the neck and head. Therefore, head motion data during coughing captured by a head-worn IMU sensor could be leveraged to detect coughs using a template matching algorithm. In time series template matching problems, K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN) combined with elastic distance measurement (esp. Dynamic Time Warping (DTW)) achieves outstanding performance. However, it is often regarded as prohibitively time-consuming. Nearest Centroid Classifier is thereafter proposed. But the accuracy is comprised of only one centroid obtained for each class. Centroid-based Classifier performs clustering and averaging for each cluster, but requires manually setting the number of clusters. We propose a novel self-tuning multi-centroid template-matching algorithm, which can automatically adjust the number of clusters to balance accuracy and inference time. Through experiments conducted on synthetic datasets and a real-world earbud-based cough dataset, we demonstrate the superiority of our proposed algorithm and present the result of cough detection with a single accelerometer sensor on the earbuds platform.


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