A Robust Document Image Watermarking Scheme using Deep Neural Network

by   Sulong Ge, et al.

Watermarking is an important copyright protection technology which generally embeds the identity information into the carrier imperceptibly. Then the identity can be extracted to prove the copyright from the watermarked carrier even after suffering various attacks. Most of the existing watermarking technologies take the nature images as carriers. Different from the natural images, document images are not so rich in color and texture, and thus have less redundant information to carry watermarks. This paper proposes an end-to-end document image watermarking scheme using the deep neural network. Specifically, an encoder and a decoder are designed to embed and extract the watermark. A noise layer is added to simulate the various attacks that could be encountered in reality, such as the Cropout, Dropout, Gaussian blur, Gaussian noise, Resize, and JPEG Compression. A text-sensitive loss function is designed to limit the embedding modification on characters. An embedding strength adjustment strategy is proposed to improve the quality of watermarked image with little loss of extraction accuracy. Experimental results show that the proposed document image watermarking technology outperforms three state-of-the-arts in terms of the robustness and image quality.


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