A Simple Prior-Free Method for Non-rigid Structure-from-Motion Factorization : Revisited

by   Suryansh Kumar, et al.

A simple prior free factorization algorithmdai2014simple is quite often cited work in the field of Non-Rigid Structure from Motion (NRSfM). The benefit of this work lies in its simplicity of implementation, strong theoretical justification to the motion and structure estimation, and its invincible originality. Despite this, the prevailing view is, that it performs exceedingly inferior to other methods on several benchmark datasetsjensen2018benchmark,akhter2009nonrigid. However, our subtle investigation provides some empirical statistics which made us think against such views. The statistical results we obtained supersedes Dai et. al.dai2014simple originally reported results on the benchmark datasets by a significant margin under some elementary changes in their core algorithmic ideadai2014simple. Now, these results not only exposes some unrevealed areas for research in NRSfM but also give rise to new mathematical challenges for NRSfM researchers. In this paper, we explore some of the hidden intricacies missed by Dai et. al. workdai2014simple and how some elementary measures and modifications can significantly enhance its performance, as high as 18% on the benchmark dataset. The improved performance is justified and empirically verified by extensive experiments on several datasets. We believe our work has both practical and theoretical importance for the development of better NRSfM algorithms. Practically, it can also help improve the recently reported state-of-the-art kumar2017spatio, kumar2016multi, jensen2018benchmark and other similar works in this field which are inspired by Dai et. al. workdai2014simple.


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