A total hip surgery robot system based on intelligent positioning and optical measurement

by   Weibo Ning, et al.

This paper represents the development and experimental evaluation of an autonomous navigation surgical robot system for total hip arthroplasty (THA). Existing robotic systems used in joint replacement surgery have achieved good clinical results, with reported better accuracy. While the surgeon needs to locate the robot arm to the target position during the operation, which is easily affected by the doctor of experience. Yet, the hand-hold acetabulum reamer is easy to appear with uneven strength and grinding file. Further, the lack of steps to measure the femoral neck length may lead to poor results.To tackle this challenge, our design contains the real-time traceable optical positioning strategy to reduce unnecessary manual adjustments to the robotic arm during surgery, the intelligent end-effector system to stable the grinding, and the optical probe to provide real-time measurement of femoral neck length and other parameters to choose the prosthesis. The length of the lower limbs was measured as the prosthesis was installed. Experimental evaluation showed that the robot of precision, execution ability, and robustness are better than expected.


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