ACF-Net: An Attention-enhanced Co-interactive Fusion Network for Automated Structural Condition Assessment in Visual Inspection

by   Chenyu Zhang, et al.

Efficiently monitoring the condition of civil infrastructures necessitates automating the structural condition assessment in visual inspection. This paper proposes an Attention-enhanced Co-interactive Fusion Network (ACF-Net) for automatic structural condition assessment in visual bridge inspection. The ACF-Net can simultaneously parse structural elements and segment surface defects on the elements in inspection images. It integrates two task-specific relearning subnets to extract task-specific features from an overall feature embedding and a co-interactive feature fusion module to capture the spatial correlation and facilitate information sharing between tasks. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed ACF-Net outperforms the current state-of-the-art approaches, achieving promising performance with 92.11 for element parsing and 87.16 benchmark dataset Steel Bridge Condition Inspection Visual (SBCIV) testing set. An ablation study reveals the strengths of ACF-Net, and a case study showcases its capability to automate structural condition assessment. The code will be open-source after acceptance.


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