Adaptive Scheduling for Edge-Assisted DNN Serving

by   Jian He, et al.

Deep neural networks (DNNs) have been widely used in various video analytic tasks. These tasks demand real-time responses. Due to the limited processing power on mobile devices, a common way to support such real-time analytics is to offload the processing to an edge server. This paper examines how to speed up the edge server DNN processing for multiple clients. In particular, we observe batching multiple DNN requests significantly speeds up the processing time. Based on this observation, we first design a novel scheduling algorithm to exploit the batching benefits of all requests that run the same DNN. This is compelling since there are only a handful of DNNs and many requests tend to use the same DNN. Our algorithms are general and can support different objectives, such as minimizing the completion time or maximizing the on-time ratio. We then extend our algorithm to handle requests that use different DNNs with or without shared layers. Finally, we develop a collaborative approach to further improve performance by adaptively processing some of the requests or portions of the requests locally at the clients. This is especially useful when the network and/or server is congested. Our implementation shows the effectiveness of our approach under different request distributions (e.g., Poisson, Pareto, and Constant inter-arrivals).


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