Affect Expression Behaviour Analysis in the Wild using Consensual Collaborative Training

by   Darshan Gera, et al.

Facial expression recognition (FER) in the wild is crucial for building reliable human-computer interactive systems. However, annotations of large scale datasets in FER has been a key challenge as these datasets suffer from noise due to various factors like crowd sourcing, subjectivity of annotators, poor quality of images, automatic labelling based on key word search etc. Such noisy annotations impede the performance of FER due to the memorization ability of deep networks. During early learning stage, deep networks fit on clean data. Then, eventually, they start overfitting on noisy labels due to their memorization ability, which limits FER performance. This report presents Consensual Collaborative Training (CCT) framework used in our submission to expression recognition track of the Affective Behaviour Analysis in-the-wild (ABAW) 2021 competition. CCT co-trains three networks jointly using a convex combination of supervision loss and consistency loss, without making any assumption about the noise distribution. A dynamic transition mechanism is used to move from supervision loss in early learning to consistency loss for consensus of predictions among networks in the later stage. Co-training reduces overall error, and consistency loss prevents overfitting to noisy samples. The performance of the model is validated on challenging Aff-Wild2 dataset for categorical expression classification. Our code is made publicly available at


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