An Incremental Gray-box Physical Adversarial Attack on Neural Network Training

by   Rabiah Al-qudah, et al.

Neural networks have demonstrated remarkable success in learning and solving complex tasks in a variety of fields. Nevertheless, the rise of those networks in modern computing has been accompanied by concerns regarding their vulnerability to adversarial attacks. In this work, we propose a novel gradient-free, gray box, incremental attack that targets the training process of neural networks. The proposed attack, which implicitly poisons the intermediate data structures that retain the training instances between training epochs acquires its high-risk property from attacking data structures that are typically unobserved by professionals. Hence, the attack goes unnoticed despite the damage it can cause. Moreover, the attack can be executed without the attackers' knowledge of the neural network structure or training data making it more dangerous. The attack was tested under a sensitive application of secure cognitive cities, namely, biometric authentication. The conducted experiments showed that the proposed attack is effective and stealthy. Finally, the attack effectiveness property was concluded from the fact that it was able to flip the sign of the loss gradient in the conducted experiments to become positive, which indicated noisy and unstable training. Moreover, the attack was able to decrease the inference probability in the poisoned networks compared to their unpoisoned counterparts by 15.37 and 24.88 attack retained its stealthiness despite its high effectiveness. This was demonstrated by the fact that the attack did not cause a notable increase in the training time, in addition, the Fscore values only dropped by an average of 1.2 respectively.


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