An Intelligent End-to-End Neural Architecture Search Framework for Electricity Forecasting Model Development

by   Jin Yang, et al.

Recent years have witnessed an exponential growth in developing deep learning (DL) models for the time-series electricity forecasting in power systems. However, most of the proposed models are designed based on the designers' inherent knowledge and experience without elaborating on the suitability of the proposed neural architectures. Moreover, these models cannot be self-adjusted to the dynamically changing data patterns due to an inflexible design of their structures. Even though several latest studies have considered application of the neural architecture search (NAS) technique for obtaining a network with an optimized structure in the electricity forecasting sector, their training process is quite time-consuming, computationally expensive and not intelligent, indicating that the NAS application in electricity forecasting area is still at an infancy phase. In this research study, we propose an intelligent automated architecture search (IAAS) framework for the development of time-series electricity forecasting models. The proposed framework contains two primary components, i.e., network function-preserving transformation operation and reinforcement learning (RL)-based network transformation control. In the first component, we introduce a theoretical function-preserving transformation of recurrent neural networks (RNN) to the literature for capturing the hidden temporal patterns within the time-series data. In the second component, we develop three RL-based transformation actors and a net pool to intelligently and effectively search a high-quality neural architecture. After conducting comprehensive experiments on two publicly-available electricity load datasets and two wind power datasets, we demonstrate that the proposed IAAS framework significantly outperforms the ten existing models or methods in terms of forecasting accuracy and stability.


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