Analysis of Blocking in mmWave Cellular Systems: Application to Relay Positioning

by   Cristian García, et al.

Within the framework of 5G, blockage effects occurring in the mmWave band are critical. These blockages can be statistically modeled with mathematical tools such as stochastic geometry and random shape theory. In the literature, there are studies describing the effects of blockages in both isolated and multiple links for simple blocking objects. Our study considers a scenario in which there are N links and takes into account the possible correlation among them in terms of blocking by extending previous works to more general blocking objects. This paper also applies the formulation developed for the case of N links to optimize the relay positioning in mmWave cells for coverage enhancement, that is, to minimize in average the probability of blockage within the cell, which is another contribution of this work. The paper includes numerical evaluations that highlight the fact that considering independence among the blocking elements of the links is a too brief simplification and does not describe accurately the real scenario. We also show the effect of taking into account more realistic blocking objects than those considered so far in the literature and the impact of the positioning of the relays on the coverage.


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