Analyzing the Impact of Varied Window Hyper-parameters on Deep CNN for sEMG based Motion Intent Classification

by   Frank Kulwa, et al.

The use of deep neural networks in electromyogram (EMG) based prostheses control provides a promising alternative to the hand-crafted features by automatically learning muscle activation patterns from the EMG signals. Meanwhile, the use of raw EMG signals as input to convolution neural networks (CNN) offers a simple, fast, and ideal scheme for effective control of prostheses. Therefore, this study investigates the relationship between window length and overlap, which may influence the generation of robust raw EMG 2-dimensional (2D) signals for application in CNN. And a rule of thumb for a proper combination of these parameters that could guarantee optimal network performance was derived. Moreover, we investigate the relationship between the CNN receptive window size and the raw EMG signal size. Experimental results show that the performance of the CNN increases with the increase in overlap within the generated signals, with the highest improvement of 9.49 and 23.33 Similarly, the network performance increases with the increase in receptive window (kernel) size. Findings from this study suggest that a combination of 75 intents classification for adequate EMG-CNN based prostheses control scheme.


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