AutoDrone: Shortest Optimized Obstacle-Free Path Planning for Autonomous Drones

by   Prithwish Jana, et al.

With technological advancement, drone has emerged as unmanned aerial vehicle that can be controlled by humans to fly or reach a destination. This may be autonomous as well, where the drone itself is intelligent enough to find a shortest obstacle-free path to reach the destination from a designated source. Be it a planned smart city or even a wreckage site affected by natural calamity, we may imagine the buildings, any surface-erected structure or other blockage as obstacles for the drone to fly in a direct line-of-sight path. So, the whole bird's eye-view of the landscape can be transformed to a graph of grid-cells, where some are occupied to indicate the obstacles and some are free to indicate the free path. The autonomous drone (AutoDrone) will be able to find out the shortest hindrance-free path while travelling in two-dimensional space and move from one place to another. In this paper, we propose a method to find out an obstacle-free shortest path in the coordinate system guided by GPS. This can be especially beneficial in rescue operations and fast delivery or pick-up in an energy-efficient way, where our algorithm will help in finding out the shortest path and angle along which it should fly. Our work shows different scenarios to path-tracing, through the shortest feasible path computed by the autonomous drone.


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