BAMF-SLAM: Bundle Adjusted Multi-Fisheye Visual-Inertial SLAM Using Recurrent Field Transforms

by   Wei Zhang, et al.

In this paper, we present BAMF-SLAM, a novel multi-fisheye visual-inertial SLAM system that utilizes Bundle Adjustment (BA) and recurrent field transforms (RFT) to achieve accurate and robust state estimation in challenging scenarios. First, our system directly operates on raw fisheye images, enabling us to fully exploit the wide Field-of-View (FoV) of fisheye cameras. Second, to overcome the low-texture challenge, we explore the tightly-coupled integration of multi-camera inputs and complementary inertial measurements via a unified factor graph and jointly optimize the poses and dense depth maps. Third, for global consistency, the wide FoV of the fisheye camera allows the system to find more potential loop closures, and powered by the broad convergence basin of RFT, our system can perform very wide baseline loop closing with little overlap. Furthermore, we introduce a semi-pose-graph BA method to avoid the expensive full global BA. By combining relative pose factors with loop closure factors, the global states can be adjusted efficiently with modest memory footprint while maintaining high accuracy. Evaluations on TUM-VI, Hilti-Oxford and Newer College datasets show the superior performance of the proposed system over prior works. In the Hilti SLAM Challenge 2022, our VIO version achieves second place. In a subsequent submission, our complete system, including the global BA backend, outperforms the winning approach.


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