Bayesian vector autoregressive analysis of macroeconomic and transport influences on urban traffic accidents

by   Jieling Jin, et al.

The macro influencing factors analysis of urban traffic safety is important to guide the direction of urban development to reduce the frequency of traffic accidents. In this study, a Bayesian vector autoregressive(BVAR) model was developed to exploring the impact of six macro-level economic and transport factors, including population, GDP, private vehicle ownership, bus ownership, subway rail mileage and road average speed on traffic accidents with the small sample size transport annual report data in Beijing. The results show that the BVAR model was suitable for time series analysis of traffic accidents in small sample situations. In macroeconomic factors, GDP growth was considered to reduce the number of traffic accidents in the long term, while population growth had a positive effect on traffic accidents in the short term. With the respect to macro-transport factors, road average speed and private vehicle ownership was perceived to increase traffic accidents in long duration, whereas bus ownership and subway rail mileage had long-term negative effects, with the greatest positive effect for road average speed and the greatest negative effect for subway rail mileage. This study suggests that government departments can reduce the number of traffic accidents by increasing investment in public transportation infrastructures, limiting private vehicles and road speed.


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