Benchmarks and Custom Package for Electrical Load Forecasting

by   Zhixian Wang, et al.

Load forecasting is of great significance in the power industry as it can provide a reference for subsequent tasks such as power grid dispatch, thus bringing huge economic benefits. However, there are many differences between load forecasting and traditional time series forecasting. On the one hand, load forecasting aims to minimize the cost of subsequent tasks such as power grid dispatch, rather than simply pursuing prediction accuracy. On the other hand, the load is largely influenced by many external factors, such as temperature or calendar variables. In addition, the scale of predictions (such as building-level loads and aggregated-level loads) can also significantly impact the predicted results. In this paper, we provide a comprehensive load forecasting archive, which includes load domain-specific feature engineering to help forecasting models better model load data. In addition, different from the traditional loss function which only aims for accuracy, we also provide a method to customize the loss function based on the forecasting error, integrating it into our forecasting framework. Based on this, we conducted extensive experiments on load data at different levels, providing a reference for researchers to compare different load forecasting models.


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