Beyond Self-Attention: Deformable Large Kernel Attention for Medical Image Segmentation

by   Reza Azad, et al.

Medical image segmentation has seen significant improvements with transformer models, which excel in grasping far-reaching contexts and global contextual information. However, the increasing computational demands of these models, proportional to the squared token count, limit their depth and resolution capabilities. Most current methods process D volumetric image data slice-by-slice (called pseudo 3D), missing crucial inter-slice information and thus reducing the model's overall performance. To address these challenges, we introduce the concept of Deformable Large Kernel Attention (D-LKA Attention), a streamlined attention mechanism employing large convolution kernels to fully appreciate volumetric context. This mechanism operates within a receptive field akin to self-attention while sidestepping the computational overhead. Additionally, our proposed attention mechanism benefits from deformable convolutions to flexibly warp the sampling grid, enabling the model to adapt appropriately to diverse data patterns. We designed both 2D and 3D adaptations of the D-LKA Attention, with the latter excelling in cross-depth data understanding. Together, these components shape our novel hierarchical Vision Transformer architecture, the D-LKA Net. Evaluations of our model against leading methods on popular medical segmentation datasets (Synapse, NIH Pancreas, and Skin lesion) demonstrate its superior performance. Our code implementation is publicly available at the:


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