CAAD 2018: Generating Transferable Adversarial Examples

by   Yash Sharma, et al.

Deep neural networks (DNNs) are vulnerable to adversarial examples, perturbations carefully crafted to fool the targeted DNN, in both the non-targeted and targeted case. In the non-targeted case, the attacker simply aims to induce misclassification. In the targeted case, the attacker aims to induce classification to a specified target class. In addition, it has been observed that strong adversarial examples can transfer to unknown models, yielding a serious security concern. The NIPS 2017 competition was organized to accelerate research in adversarial attacks and defenses, taking place in the realistic setting where submitted adversarial attacks attempt to transfer to submitted defenses. The CAAD 2018 competition took place with nearly identical rules to the NIPS 2017 one. Given the requirement that the NIPS 2017 submissions were to be open-sourced, participants in the CAAD 2018 competition were able to directly build upon previous solutions, and thus improve the state-of-the-art in this setting. Our team participated in the CAAD 2018 competition, and won 1st place in both attack subtracks, non-targeted and targeted adversarial attacks, and 3rd place in defense. We outline our solutions and development results in this article. We hope our results can inform researchers in both generating and defending against adversarial examples.


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