CGNN: Traffic Classification with Graph Neural Network

by   Bo Pang, et al.

Traffic classification associates packet streams with known application labels, which is vital for network security and network management. With the rise of NAT, port dynamics, and encrypted traffic, it is increasingly challenging to obtain unified traffic features for accurate classification. Many state-of-the-art traffic classifiers automatically extract features from the packet stream based on deep learning models such as convolution networks. Unfortunately, the compositional and causal relationships between packets are not well extracted in these deep learning models, which affects both prediction accuracy and generalization on different traffic types. In this paper, we present a chained graph model on the packet stream to keep the chained compositional sequence. Next, we propose CGNN, a graph neural network based traffic classification method, which builds a graph classifier over automatically extracted features over the chained graph. Extensive evaluation over real-world traffic data sets, including normal, encrypted and malicious labels, show that, CGNN improves the prediction accuracy by 23% to 29% for application classification, by 2% to 37% for malicious traffic classification, and reaches the same accuracy level for encrypted traffic classification. CGNN is quite robust in terms of the recall and precision metrics. We have extensively evaluated the parameter sensitivity of CGNN, which yields optimized parameters that are quite effective for traffic classification.


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