Collaborative Noisy Label Cleaner: Learning Scene-aware Trailers for Multi-modal Highlight Detection in Movies

by   Bei Gan, et al.

Movie highlights stand out of the screenplay for efficient browsing and play a crucial role on social media platforms. Based on existing efforts, this work has two observations: (1) For different annotators, labeling highlight has uncertainty, which leads to inaccurate and time-consuming annotations. (2) Besides previous supervised or unsupervised settings, some existing video corpora can be useful, e.g., trailers, but they are often noisy and incomplete to cover the full highlights. In this work, we study a more practical and promising setting, i.e., reformulating highlight detection as "learning with noisy labels". This setting does not require time-consuming manual annotations and can fully utilize existing abundant video corpora. First, based on movie trailers, we leverage scene segmentation to obtain complete shots, which are regarded as noisy labels. Then, we propose a Collaborative noisy Label Cleaner (CLC) framework to learn from noisy highlight moments. CLC consists of two modules: augmented cross-propagation (ACP) and multi-modality cleaning (MMC). The former aims to exploit the closely related audio-visual signals and fuse them to learn unified multi-modal representations. The latter aims to achieve cleaner highlight labels by observing the changes in losses among different modalities. To verify the effectiveness of CLC, we further collect a large-scale highlight dataset named MovieLights. Comprehensive experiments on MovieLights and YouTube Highlights datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach. Code has been made available at:


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