Color Texture Classification Approach Based on Combination of Primitive Pattern Units and Statistical Features

by   Shervan Fekri-Ershad, et al.

Texture classification became one of the problems which has been paid much attention on by image processing scientists since late 80s. Consequently, since now many different methods have been proposed to solve this problem. In most of these methods the researchers attempted to describe and discriminate textures based on linear and non-linear patterns. The linear and non-linear patterns on any window are based on formation of Grain Components in a particular order. Grain component is a primitive unit of morphology that most meaningful information often appears in the form of occurrence of that. The approach which is proposed in this paper could analyze the texture based on its grain components and then by making grain components histogram and extracting statistical features from that would classify the textures. Finally, to increase the accuracy of classification, proposed approach is expanded to color images to utilize the ability of approach in analyzing each RGB channels, individually. Although, this approach is a general one and it could be used in different applications, the method has been tested on the stone texture and the results can prove the quality of approach.


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