CompoNeRF: Text-guided Multi-object Compositional NeRF with Editable 3D Scene Layout

by   Yiqi Lin, et al.

Recent research endeavors have shown that combining neural radiance fields (NeRFs) with pre-trained diffusion models holds great potential for text-to-3D generation.However, a hurdle is that they often encounter guidance collapse when rendering complex scenes from multi-object texts. Because the text-to-image diffusion models are inherently unconstrained, making them less competent to accurately associate object semantics with specific 3D structures. To address this issue, we propose a novel framework, dubbed CompoNeRF, that explicitly incorporates an editable 3D scene layout to provide effective guidance at the single object (i.e., local) and whole scene (i.e., global) levels. Firstly, we interpret the multi-object text as an editable 3D scene layout containing multiple local NeRFs associated with the object-specific 3D box coordinates and text prompt, which can be easily collected from users. Then, we introduce a global MLP to calibrate the compositional latent features from local NeRFs, which surprisingly improves the view consistency across different local NeRFs. Lastly, we apply the text guidance on global and local levels through their corresponding views to avoid guidance ambiguity. This way, our CompoNeRF allows for flexible scene editing and re-composition of trained local NeRFs into a new scene by manipulating the 3D layout or text prompt. Leveraging the open-source Stable Diffusion model, our CompoNeRF can generate faithful and editable text-to-3D results while opening a potential direction for text-guided multi-object composition via the editable 3D scene layout.


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