Coordinate Descent Methods for DC Minimization

by   Ganzhao Yuan, et al.

Difference-of-Convex (DC) minimization, referring to the problem of minimizing the difference of two convex functions, has been found rich applications in statistical learning and studied extensively for decades. However, existing methods are primarily based on multi-stage convex relaxation, only leading to weak optimality of critical points. This paper proposes a coordinate descent method for minimizing DC functions based on sequential nonconvex approximation. Our approach iteratively solves a nonconvex one-dimensional subproblem globally, and it is guaranteed to converge to a coordinate-wise stationary point. We prove that this new optimality condition is always stronger than the critical point condition and the directional point condition when the objective function is weakly convex. For comparisons, we also include a naive variant of coordinate descent methods based on sequential convex approximation in our study. When the objective function satisfies an additional regularity condition called sharpness, coordinate descent methods with an appropriate initialization converge linearly to the optimal solution set. Also, for many applications of interest, we show that the nonconvex one-dimensional subproblem can be computed exactly and efficiently using a breakpoint searching method. We present some discussions and extensions of our proposed method. Finally, we have conducted extensive experiments on several statistical learning tasks to show the superiority of our approach. Keywords: Coordinate Descent, DC Minimization, DC Programming, Difference-of-Convex Programs, Nonconvex Optimization, Sparse Optimization, Binary Optimization.


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