DAD++: Improved Data-free Test Time Adversarial Defense

by   Gaurav Kumar Nayak, et al.

With the increasing deployment of deep neural networks in safety-critical applications such as self-driving cars, medical imaging, anomaly detection, etc., adversarial robustness has become a crucial concern in the reliability of these networks in real-world scenarios. A plethora of works based on adversarial training and regularization-based techniques have been proposed to make these deep networks robust against adversarial attacks. However, these methods require either retraining models or training them from scratch, making them infeasible to defend pre-trained models when access to training data is restricted. To address this problem, we propose a test time Data-free Adversarial Defense (DAD) containing detection and correction frameworks. Moreover, to further improve the efficacy of the correction framework in cases when the detector is under-confident, we propose a soft-detection scheme (dubbed as "DAD++"). We conduct a wide range of experiments and ablations on several datasets and network architectures to show the efficacy of our proposed approach. Furthermore, we demonstrate the applicability of our approach in imparting adversarial defense at test time under data-free (or data-efficient) applications/setups, such as Data-free Knowledge Distillation and Source-free Unsupervised Domain Adaptation, as well as Semi-supervised classification frameworks. We observe that in all the experiments and applications, our DAD++ gives an impressive performance against various adversarial attacks with a minimal drop in clean accuracy. The source code is available at:


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