Deep Multi-View Spatiotemporal Virtual Graph Neural Network for Significant Citywide Ride-hailing Demand Prediction

by   Guangyin Jin, et al.

Urban ride-hailing demand prediction is a crucial but challenging task for intelligent transportation system construction. Predictable ride-hailing demand can facilitate more reasonable vehicle scheduling and online car-hailing platform dispatch. Conventional deep learning methods with no external structured data can be accomplished via hybrid models of CNNs and RNNs by meshing plentiful pixel-level labeled data, but spatial data sparsity and limited learning capabilities on temporal long-term dependencies are still two striking bottlenecks. To address these limitations, we propose a new virtual graph modeling method to focus on significant demand regions and a novel Deep Multi-View Spatiotemporal Virtual Graph Neural Network (DMVST-VGNN) to strengthen learning capabilities of spatial dynamics and temporal long-term dependencies. Specifically, DMVST-VGNN integrates the structures of 1D Convolutional Neural Network, Multi Graph Attention Neural Network and Transformer layer, which correspond to short-term temporal dynamics view, spatial dynamics view and long-term temporal dynamics view respectively. In this paper, experiments are conducted on two large-scale New York City datasets in fine-grained prediction scenes. And the experimental results demonstrate effectiveness and superiority of DMVST-VGNN framework in significant citywide ride-hailing demand prediction.


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