Dense Intrinsic Appearance Flow for Human Pose Transfer

by   Yining Li, et al.

We present a novel approach for the task of human pose transfer, which aims at synthesizing a new image of a person from an input image of that person and a target pose. We address the issues of limited correspondences identified between keypoints only and invisible pixels due to self-occlusion. Unlike existing methods, we propose to estimate dense and intrinsic 3D appearance flow to better guide the transfer of pixels between poses. In particular, we wish to generate the 3D flow from just the reference and target poses. Training a network for this purpose is non-trivial, especially when the annotations for 3D appearance flow are scarce by nature. We address this problem through a flow synthesis stage. This is achieved by fitting a 3D model to the given pose pair and project them back to the 2D plane to compute the dense appearance flow for training. The synthesized ground-truths are then used to train a feedforward network for efficient mapping from the input and target skeleton poses to the 3D appearance flow. With the appearance flow, we perform feature warping on the input image and generate a photorealistic image of the target pose. Extensive results on DeepFashion and Market-1501 datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach over existing methods. Our code is available at


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