Device-Robust Acoustic Scene Classification Based on Two-Stage Categorization and Data Augmentation

by   Hu Hu, et al.

In this technical report, we present a joint effort of four groups, namely GT, USTC, Tencent, and UKE, to tackle Task 1 - Acoustic Scene Classification (ASC) in the DCASE 2020 Challenge. Task 1 comprises two different sub-tasks: (i) Task 1a focuses on ASC of audio signals recorded with multiple (real and simulated) devices into ten different fine-grained classes, and (ii) Task 1b concerns with classification of data into three higher-level classes using low-complexity solutions. For Task 1a, we propose a novel two-stage ASC system leveraging upon ad-hoc score combination of two convolutional neural networks (CNNs), classifying the acoustic input according to three classes, and then ten classes, respectively. Four different CNN-based architectures are explored to implement the two-stage classifiers, and several data augmentation techniques are also investigated. For Task 1b, we leverage upon a quantization method to reduce the complexity of two of our top-accuracy three-classes CNN-based architectures. On Task 1a development data set, an ASC accuracy of 76.9% is attained using our best single classifier and data augmentation. An accuracy of 81.9% is then attained by a final model fusion of our two-stage ASC classifiers. On Task 1b development data set, we achieve an accuracy of 96.7% with a model size smaller than 500KB. Code is available:


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