Dynamic Structural Brain Network Construction by Hierarchical Prototype Embedding GCN using T1-MRI

by   Yilin Leng, et al.

Constructing structural brain networks using T1-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (T1-MRI) presents a significant challenge due to the lack of direct regional connectivity information. Current methods with T1-MRI rely on predefined regions or isolated pretrained location modules to obtain atrophic regions, which neglects individual specificity. Besides, existing methods capture global structural context only on the whole-image-level, which weaken correlation between regions and the hierarchical distribution nature of brain connectivity.We hereby propose a novel dynamic structural brain network construction method based on T1-MRI, which can dynamically localize critical regions and constrain the hierarchical distribution among them for constructing dynamic structural brain network. Specifically, we first cluster spatially-correlated channel and generate several critical brain regions as prototypes. Further, we introduce a contrastive loss function to constrain the prototypes distribution, which embed the hierarchical brain semantic structure into the latent space. Self-attention and GCN are then used to dynamically construct hierarchical correlations of critical regions for brain network and explore the correlation, respectively. Our method is evaluated on ADNI-1 and ADNI-2 databases for mild cognitive impairment (MCI) conversion prediction, and acheive the state-of-the-art (SOTA) performance. Our source code is available at http://github.com/*******.


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