ECG Beats Fast Classification Base on Sparse Dictionaries

by   Nanyu Li, et al.

Feature extraction plays an important role in Electrocardiogram (ECG) Beats classification system. Compared to other popular methods, VQ method performs well in feature extraction from ECG with advantages of dimensionality reduction. In VQ method, a set of dictionaries corresponding to segments of ECG beats is trained, and VQ codes are used to represent each heartbeat. However, in practice, VQ codes optimized by k-means or k-means++ exist large quantization errors, which results in VQ codes for two heartbeats of the same type being very different. So the essential differences between different types of heartbeats cannot be representative well. On the other hand, VQ uses too much data during codebook construction, which limits the speed of dictionary learning. In this paper, we propose a new method to improve the speed and accuracy of VQ method. To reduce the computation of codebook construction, a set of sparse dictionaries corresponding to wave segments of ECG beats is constructed. After initialized, sparse dictionaries are updated efficiently by Feature-sign and Lagrange dual algorithm. Based on those dictionaries, a set of codes can be computed to represent original ECG beats.Experimental results show that features extracted from ECG by our method are more efficient and separable. The accuracy of our method is higher than other methods with less time consumption of feature extraction


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