Educating Users for Disaster Management: An Exploratory Study on Using Immersive Training for Disaster Management

by   Dulani Meedeniya, et al.

Educating users for effective disaster management skills can be a challenge that requires different levels of training support. While the training requirements can be different with respect to the contexts of managing different disaster types there can be generic training requirements that should be incorporated into all types of disaster management training. Another key aspect of disaster management training is to associate new tools and technologies that facilitate disaster management and relief work. Wireless sensor based disaster management is an emerging research area that promotes technology incorporation into different levels of disaster management tasks. In this work we explore the training for disaster management activities with wireless sensor networks. As the training platform we use a novel, yet increasingly popular and learner engaging, immersive environment OpenSim. In an OpenSim installation, a specialised training environment was developed to simulate several disaster scenarios and required wireless sensors. A set of users have successfully used the training environment and provided feedback. The next phase of the research is planned to produce a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to facilitate academics and students for disaster management training.


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