Event-based Motion Segmentation with Spatio-Temporal Graph Cuts

by   Yi Zhou, et al.

Identifying independently moving objects is an essential task for dynamic scene understanding. However, traditional cameras used in dynamic scenes may suffer from motion blur or exposure artifacts due to their sampling principle. By contrast, event-based cameras are novel bio-inspired sensors that offer advantages to overcome such limitations. They report pixel-wise intensity changes asynchronously, which enables them to acquire visual information at exactly the same rate as the scene dynamics. We have developed a method to identify independently moving objects acquired with an event-based camera, i.e., to solve the event-based motion segmentation problem. This paper describes how to formulate the problem as a weakly-constrained multi-model fitting one via energy minimization, and how to jointly solve its two subproblems – event-cluster assignment (labeling) and motion model fitting – in an iterative manner, by exploiting the spatio-temporal structure of input events in the form of a space-time graph. Experiments on available datasets demonstrate the versatility of the method in scenes with different motion patterns and number of moving objects. The evaluation shows that the method performs on par or better than the state of the art without having to predetermine the number of expected moving objects.


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