Evolving Fuzzy Image Segmentation with Self-Configuration

by   Ahmed Othman, et al.

Current image segmentation techniques usually require that the user tune several parameters in order to obtain maximum segmentation accuracy, a computationally inefficient approach, especially when a large number of images must be processed sequentially in daily practice. The use of evolving fuzzy systems for designing a method that automatically adjusts parameters to segment medical images according to the quality expectation of expert users has been proposed recently (Evolving fuzzy image segmentation EFIS). However, EFIS suffers from a few limitations when used in practice mainly due to some fixed parameters. For instance, EFIS depends on auto-detection of the object of interest for feature calculation, a task that is highly application-dependent. This shortcoming limits the applicability of EFIS, which was proposed with the ultimate goal of offering a generic but adjustable segmentation scheme. In this paper, a new version of EFIS is proposed to overcome these limitations. The new EFIS, called self-configuring EFIS (SC-EFIS), uses available training data to self-estimate the parameters that are fixed in EFIS. As well, the proposed SC-EFIS relies on a feature selection process that does not require auto-detection of an ROI. The proposed SC-EFIS was evaluated using the same segmentation algorithms and the same dataset as for EFIS. The results show that SC-EFIS can provide the same results as EFIS but with a higher level of automation.


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