Experimental study and pratical realization of a reconciliation method for quantum key distribution system

by   Nedra Benletaief, et al.

This paper investigates a reconciliation method in order to establish an errorless secret key in a QKD protocol. Classical key distribution protocols are no longer unconditionally secure because computational complexity of mathematical problems forced hardships. In this context, QKD protocols offer a highest level of security because they are based on the quantum laws of physics. But, the protocol performances can be lowered by multiples errors. It appears clearly that reconciliation should be performed in such a situation in order to remove the errors as for the legitimate partners. The proposed method accomplishes reconciliation by using QTC in the special problem of sideinformation source coding (Slepian-Wolf coding model). Our theoretical hypothesis are sustained by experimental results that confirm the advantage of our method in resolving reconciliation problem compared to a recent related work. Indeed, the integration of our method generates an important progess in security and a large decrease of the QBER. The gain is obtained with a reasonable complexity increase. Also, the novelty of our work is that it tested the reconciliation method on a real photonic system under VPItransmissionMaker.


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