Expert Finding in Community Question Answering: A Review

by   Sha Yuan, et al.

The rapid development recently of Community Question Answering (CQA) satisfies users quest for professional and personal knowledge about anything. In CQA, one central issue is to find users with expertise and willingness to answer the given questions. Expert finding in CQA often exhibits very different challenges compared to traditional methods. Sparse data and new features violate fundamental assumptions of traditional recommendation systems. This paper focuses on reviewing and categorizing the current progress on expert finding in CQA. We classify all the existing solutions into four different categories: matrix factorization based models (MF-based models), gradient boosting tree based models (GBT-based models), deep learning based models (DL-based models) and ranking based models (R-based models). We find that MF-based models outperform other categories of models in the field of expert finding in CQA. Moreover, we use innovative diagrams to clarify several important concepts of ensemble learning, and find that ensemble models with several specific single models can further boosting the performance. Further, we compare the performance of different models on different types of matching tasks, including text vs. text, graph vs. text, audio vs. text and video vs. text. The results can help the model selection of expert finding in practice. Finally, we explore some potential future issues in expert finding research in CQA.


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