Explainable Model-Agnostic Similarity and Confidence in Face Verification

by   Martin Knoche, et al.

Recently, face recognition systems have demonstrated remarkable performances and thus gained a vital role in our daily life. They already surpass human face verification accountability in many scenarios. However, they lack explanations for their predictions. Compared to human operators, typical face recognition network system generate only binary decisions without further explanation and insights into those decisions. This work focuses on explanations for face recognition systems, vital for developers and operators. First, we introduce a confidence score for those systems based on facial feature distances between two input images and the distribution of distances across a dataset. Secondly, we establish a novel visualization approach to obtain more meaningful predictions from a face recognition system, which maps the distance deviation based on a systematic occlusion of images. The result is blended with the original images and highlights similar and dissimilar facial regions. Lastly, we calculate confidence scores and explanation maps for several state-of-the-art face verification datasets and release the results on a web platform. We optimize the platform for a user-friendly interaction and hope to further improve the understanding of machine learning decisions. The source code is available on GitHub, and the web platform is publicly available at http://explainable-face-verification.ey.r.appspot.com.


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