Explanation-Guided Deep Reinforcement Learning for Trustworthy 6G RAN Slicing

by   Farhad Rezazadeh, et al.

The complexity of emerging sixth-generation (6G) wireless networks has sparked an upsurge in adopting artificial intelligence (AI) to underpin the challenges in network management and resource allocation under strict service level agreements (SLAs). It inaugurates the era of massive network slicing as a distributive technology where tenancy would be extended to the final consumer through pervading the digitalization of vertical immersive use-cases. Despite the promising performance of deep reinforcement learning (DRL) in network slicing, lack of transparency, interpretability, and opaque model concerns impedes users from trusting the DRL agent decisions or predictions. This problem becomes even more pronounced when there is a need to provision highly reliable and secure services. Leveraging eXplainable AI (XAI) in conjunction with an explanation-guided approach, we propose an eXplainable reinforcement learning (XRL) scheme to surmount the opaqueness of black-box DRL. The core concept behind the proposed method is the intrinsic interpretability of the reward hypothesis aiming to encourage DRL agents to learn the best actions for specific network slice states while coping with conflict-prone and complex relations of state-action pairs. To validate the proposed framework, we target a resource allocation optimization problem where multi-agent XRL strives to allocate optimal available radio resources to meet the SLA requirements of slices. Finally, we present numerical results to showcase the superiority of the adopted XRL approach over the DRL baseline. As far as we know, this is the first work that studies the feasibility of an explanation-guided DRL approach in the context of 6G networks.


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