Exploring User Perspectives on ChatGPT: Applications, Perceptions, and Implications for AI-Integrated Education

by   Reza Hadi Mogavi, et al.

Understanding user perspectives on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education is essential for creating pedagogically effective and ethically responsible AI-integrated learning environments. In this paper, we conduct an extensive qualitative content analysis of four major social media platforms (Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and LinkedIn) to explore the user experience (UX) and perspectives of early adopters toward ChatGPT-an AI Chatbot technology-in various education sectors. We investigate the primary applications of ChatGPT in education (RQ1) and the various perceptions of the technology (RQ2). Our findings indicate that ChatGPT is most popularly used in the contexts of higher education (24.18 (15.28 ChatGPT are productivity, efficiency, and ethics. While some early adopters lean toward seeing ChatGPT as a revolutionary technology with the potential to boost students' self-efficacy and motivation to learn, others express concern that overreliance on the AI system may promote superficial learning habits and erode students' social and critical thinking skills. Our study contributes to the broader discourse on Human-AI Interaction and offers recommendations based on crowd-sourced knowledge for educators and learners interested in incorporating ChatGPT into their educational settings. Furthermore, we propose a research agenda for future studies that sets the foundation for continued investigation into the application of ChatGPT in education.


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