Fidelity-Guarantee Entanglement Routing in Quantum Networks

by   Jian Li, et al.

Entanglement routing establishes remote entanglement connection between two arbitrary nodes, which is one of the most important functions in quantum networks. The existing routing mechanisms mainly improve the robustness and throughput facing the failure of entanglement generations, which, however, rarely include the considerations on the most important metric to evaluate the quality of connection, entanglement fidelity. To solve this problem, we propose purification-enabled entanglement routing designs to provide fidelity guarantee for multiple Source-Destination (SD) pairs in quantum networks. In our proposal, we first consider the single S-D pair scenario and design an iterative routing algorithm, Q-PATH, to find the optimal purification decisions along the routing path with minimum entangled pair cost. Further, a low-complexity routing algorithm using an extended Dijkstra algorithm, Q-LEAP, is designed to reduce the computational complexity by using a simple but effective purification decision method. Then we consider the common scenario with multiple S-D pairs and design a greedy-based algorithm considering resource allocation and rerouting process for multiple routing requests. To verify the effectiveness and superiority of the proposed algorithms, extensive simulations are conducted, and the simulation results show that the proposed algorithms not only can provide fidelity-guarantee routing solutions, but also has superior performance in terms of throughput, fidelity of end-to-end entanglement connection, and resource utilization ratio, compared with the existing routing scheme.


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