FinEval: A Chinese Financial Domain Knowledge Evaluation Benchmark for Large Language Models

by   Liwen Zhang, et al.

Large language models (LLMs) have demonstrated exceptional performance in various natural language processing tasks, yet their efficacy in more challenging and domain-specific tasks remains largely unexplored. This paper presents FinEval, a benchmark specifically designed for the financial domain knowledge in the LLMs. FinEval is a collection of high-quality multiple-choice questions covering Finance, Economy, Accounting, and Certificate. It includes 4,661 questions spanning 34 different academic subjects. To ensure a comprehensive model performance evaluation, FinEval employs a range of prompt types, including zero-shot and few-shot prompts, as well as answer-only and chain-of-thought prompts. Evaluating state-of-the-art Chinese and English LLMs on FinEval, the results show that only GPT-4 achieved an accuracy close to 70 in different prompt settings, indicating significant growth potential for LLMs in the financial domain knowledge. Our work offers a more comprehensive financial knowledge evaluation benchmark, utilizing data of mock exams and covering a wide range of evaluated LLMs.


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