First Impressions: A Survey on Computer Vision-Based Apparent Personality Trait Analysis

Personality analysis has been widely studied in psychology, neuropsychology, signal processing fields, among others. From the computing point of view, by far speech and text have been the most analyzed cues of information for analyzing personality. However, recently there has been an increasing interest form the computer vision community in analyzing personality starting from visual information. Recent computer vision approaches are able to accurately analyze human faces, body postures and behaviors, and use these information to infer apparent personality traits. Because of the overwhelming research interest in this topic, and of the potential impact that this sort of methods could have in society, we present in this paper an up-to-date review of existing computer vision-based visual and multimodal approaches for apparent personality trait recognition. We describe seminal and cutting edge works on the subject, discussing and comparing their distinctive features. More importantly, future venues of research in the field are identified and discussed. Furthermore, aspects on the subjectivity in data labeling/evaluation, as well as current datasets and challenges organized to push the research on the field are reviewed. Hence, the survey provides an up-to-date review of research progress in a wide range of aspects of this research theme.


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