FLSys: Toward an Open Ecosystem for Federated Learning Mobile Apps

by   Han Hu, et al.

This paper presents the design, implementation, and evaluation of FLSys, a mobile-cloud federated learning (FL) system that supports deep learning models for mobile apps. FLSys is a key component toward creating an open ecosystem of FL models and apps that use these models. FLSys is designed to work with mobile sensing data collected on smart phones, balance model performance with resource consumption on the phones, tolerate phone communication failures, and achieve scalability in the cloud. In FLSys, different DL models with different FL aggregation methods in the cloud can be trained and accessed concurrently by different apps. Furthermore, FLSys provides a common API for third-party app developers to train FL models. FLSys is implemented in Android and AWS cloud. We co-designed FLSys with a human activity recognition (HAR) in the wild FL model. HAR sensing data was collected in two areas from the phones of 100+ college students during a five-month period. We implemented HAR-Wild, a CNN model tailored to mobile devices, with a data augmentation mechanism to mitigate the problem of non-Independent and Identically Distributed (non-IID) data that affects FL model training in the wild. A sentiment analysis (SA) model is used to demonstrate how FLSys effectively supports concurrent models, and it uses a dataset with 46,000+ tweets from 436 users. We conducted extensive experiments on Android phones and emulators showing that FLSys achieves good model utility and practical system performance.


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