Fog-supported delay-constrained energy-saving live migration of VMs over MultiPath TCP/IP 5G connections

by   Enzo Baccarelli, et al.

The incoming era of the Fifth-Generation Fog Computing-supported Radio Access Networks (shortly, 5G FOGRANs) aims at exploiting computing/networking resource virtualization, in order to augment the limited resources of wireless devices through the seamless live migration of Virtual Machines (VMs) towards nearby Fog data centers. For this purpose, the bandwidths of the multiple Wireless Network Interface Cards (WNICs) of the wireless devices may be aggregated under the control of the emerging MultiPathTCP (MPTCP) protocol. However, due to fading and mobility-induced phenomena, the energy consumptions of current state-of-the-art VM migration techniques may still offset their expected benefits. Motivated by these considerations, in this paper, we analytically characterize, implement in software and numerically test the optimal minimum-energy Settable-Complexity Bandwidth Manager (SCBM) for the live migration of VMs over 5G FOGRAN MPTCP connections. The key features of the proposed SCBM are that: (i) its implementation complexity is settable on-line on the basis of the target energy consumption-vs.-implementation complexity tradeoff; (ii) it minimizes the network energy consumed by the wireless device for sustaining the migration process under hard constraints on the tolerated migration times and downtimes; and, (iii) by leveraging a suitably designed adaptive mechanism, it is capable to quickly react to (possibly, unpredicted) fading and/or mobility-induced abrupt changes of the wireless environment without requiring forecasting. The actual effectiveness of the proposed SCBM is supported by extensive energy-vs.-delay performance comparisons, that cover: (i) a number of heterogeneous 3G/4G/WiFi FOGRAN scenarios; (ii) synthetic and real-world workloads; and, (iii) MPTCP and SinglePathTCP (SPTCP) wireless connections.


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