Greedy Algorithms for Hybrid Compressed Sensing

by   Ching-Lun Tai, et al.

Compressed sensing (CS) is a technique which uses fewer measurements than dictated by the Nyquist sampling theorem. The traditional CS with linear measurements achieves efficient recovery performances, but it suffers from the large bit consumption due to the huge storage occupied by those measurements. Then, the one-bit CS with binary measurements is proposed and saves the bit budget, but it is infeasible when the energy information of signals is not available as a prior knowledge. Subsequently, the hybrid CS which combines the traditional CS and one-bit CS appears, striking a balance between the pros and cons of both types of CS. Considering the fact that the one-bit CS is optimal for the direction estimation of signals under noise with a fixed bit budget and that the traditional CS is able to provide residue information and estimated signals, we focus on the design of greedy algorithms, which consist of the main steps of support detection and recovered signal update, for the hybrid CS in this paper. We first propose a theorem on the random uniform tessellations for sparse signals to further investigate the properties of one-bit CS. Afterwards, we propose two greedy algorithms for the hybrid CS, with the one-bit CS responsible for support detection and traditional CS offering updated residues and signal estimates. For each of the proposed algorithms, we provide the corresponding theorem with proof to analyze their capabilities theoretically. Simulation results have demonstrated the efficacy of the proposed greedy algorithms under a limited bit budget in noisy environments.


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