HANDS18: Methods, Techniques and Applications for Hand Observation

by   Iason Oikonomidis, et al.

This report outlines the proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Observing and Understanding Hands in Action (HANDS 2018). The fourth instantiation of this workshop attracted significant interest from both academia and the industry. The program of the workshop included regular papers that are published as the workshop's proceedings, extended abstracts, invited posters, and invited talks. Topics of the submitted works and invited talks and posters included novel methods for hand pose estimation from RGB, depth, or skeletal data, datasets for special cases and real-world applications, and techniques for hand motion re-targeting and hand gesture recognition. The invited speakers are leaders in their respective areas of specialization, coming from both industry and academia. The main conclusions that can be drawn are the turn of the community towards RGB data and the maturation of some methods and techniques, which in turn has led to increasing interest for real-world applications.


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