Human-to-Human Interaction Detection

by   Zhenhua Wang, et al.

A comprehensive understanding of interested human-to-human interactions in video streams, such as queuing, handshaking, fighting and chasing, is of immense importance to the surveillance of public security in regions like campuses, squares and parks. Different from conventional human interaction recognition, which uses choreographed videos as inputs, neglects concurrent interactive groups, and performs detection and recognition in separate stages, we introduce a new task named human-to-human interaction detection (HID). HID devotes to detecting subjects, recognizing person-wise actions, and grouping people according to their interactive relations, in one model. First, based on the popular AVA dataset created for action detection, we establish a new HID benchmark, termed AVA-Interaction (AVA-I), by adding annotations on interactive relations in a frame-by-frame manner. AVA-I consists of 85,254 frames and 86,338 interactive groups, and each image includes up to 4 concurrent interactive groups. Second, we present a novel baseline approach SaMFormer for HID, containing a visual feature extractor, a split stage which leverages a Transformer-based model to decode action instances and interactive groups, and a merging stage which reconstructs the relationship between instances and groups. All SaMFormer components are jointly trained in an end-to-end manner. Extensive experiments on AVA-I validate the superiority of SaMFormer over representative methods. The dataset and code will be made public to encourage more follow-up studies.


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