HumanLiff: Layer-wise 3D Human Generation with Diffusion Model

by   Shoukang Hu, et al.

3D human generation from 2D images has achieved remarkable progress through the synergistic utilization of neural rendering and generative models. Existing 3D human generative models mainly generate a clothed 3D human as an undetectable 3D model in a single pass, while rarely considering the layer-wise nature of a clothed human body, which often consists of the human body and various clothes such as underwear, outerwear, trousers, shoes, etc. In this work, we propose HumanLiff, the first layer-wise 3D human generative model with a unified diffusion process. Specifically, HumanLiff firstly generates minimal-clothed humans, represented by tri-plane features, in a canonical space, and then progressively generates clothes in a layer-wise manner. In this way, the 3D human generation is thus formulated as a sequence of diffusion-based 3D conditional generation. To reconstruct more fine-grained 3D humans with tri-plane representation, we propose a tri-plane shift operation that splits each tri-plane into three sub-planes and shifts these sub-planes to enable feature grid subdivision. To further enhance the controllability of 3D generation with 3D layered conditions, HumanLiff hierarchically fuses tri-plane features and 3D layered conditions to facilitate the 3D diffusion model learning. Extensive experiments on two layer-wise 3D human datasets, SynBody (synthetic) and TightCap (real-world), validate that HumanLiff significantly outperforms state-of-the-art methods in layer-wise 3D human generation. Our code will be available at


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