Identifying Illicit Drug Dealers on Instagram with Large-scale Multimodal Data Fusion

by   Chuanbo Hu, et al.

Illicit drug trafficking via social media sites such as Instagram has become a severe problem, thus drawing a great deal of attention from law enforcement and public health agencies. How to identify illicit drug dealers from social media data has remained a technical challenge due to the following reasons. On the one hand, the available data are limited because of privacy concerns with crawling social media sites; on the other hand, the diversity of drug dealing patterns makes it difficult to reliably distinguish drug dealers from common drug users. Unlike existing methods that focus on posting-based detection, we propose to tackle the problem of illicit drug dealer identification by constructing a large-scale multimodal dataset named Identifying Drug Dealers on Instagram (IDDIG). Totally nearly 4,000 user accounts, of which over 1,400 are drug dealers, have been collected from Instagram with multiple data sources including post comments, post images, homepage bio, and homepage images. We then design a quadruple-based multimodal fusion method to combine the multiple data sources associated with each user account for drug dealer identification. Experimental results on the constructed IDDIG dataset demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method in identifying drug dealers (almost 95 accuracy). Moreover, we have developed a hashtag-based community detection technique for discovering evolving patterns, especially those related to geography and drug types.


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