Intention to Use SMS Vaccination Reminder and Management System among Health Centers in Malaysia: The Mediating Effect of Attitude

by   Kamal Karkonasasi, et al.

The purpose of this study is to find out influential factors of intention to use the proposed system among health centers by considering the technology acceptance model as the underlying theory. The proposed model of this study is tested using data collected from self-directed questionnaires filled up by 70 nurses in government hospitals and government clinics in Malaysia. A research method, which is based on the multi-analytical approach of Multiple Regression Analysis and Artificial Neural Networks, helps to refine the results of this study. The compatibility of the proposed system only has a significant and positive effect on attitude to use the system among other factors. Moreover, health centers' intention to use the system is further influenced by their perceived usefulness than their attitude to use. The mediating effect of Attitude is also proved. However, there is not any statistically significant difference in Intention scores accounting for the participants' demographic characteristics. The implication of this study is that by developing the system, which fits to the current procedures of health centers, we give them positive feelings. IT educational programs also should be provided for nurses to identify the benefits of the proposed system. It is also important to consider the indirect effects from independent variables on intention to use the system. However, the system does not require to consider the demographic characteristics of its end users.


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